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Allan Ackerman is an Independent Professional Car Shopper and Auto Broker who helps people acquire fine cars and trucks without stress, pressure, or intimidation.  Older drivers and folks with limited or minimal time to shop on their own, appreciate his patience, assistance, and expertise.  Having more than 37 years of Personal Automotive Sales Experience, and working along with his team of competent and trustworthy dealership partners, your car and truck shopping experience with Allan will be easy, simple, safe, and satisfying.  Having access to nearly every auto brand, Allan is your "Go-To Guy" for cars and trucks, helping you to find the perfect vehicle at a favorable price!  There is NO CHARGE for his services.  Allan is compensated by the auto dealers after your purchase, without affecting your vehicle's cost.  Trade-ins are welcomed also. Remember, whether you are looking to Purchase or Lease, New or Used, you "AUTO" get your car or truck from  Al Ackerman!

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